ChiSeries Workshop with Julie Czerneda

By Chiaroscuro Reading Series (other events)

Sunday, April 27 2014 11:00 AM 2:00 PM EDT

"Phenomenal Cosmic Power! . . . Itty-Bitty living Space." A Workshop on Story and Its Best Friend, Setting.

Readers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror relish the fascinating and often unique worlds created by authors. The best of these have one thing in common: the setting matters to the story being told. How do you establish that relationship? How do you know what to describe (and how) and what to leave to the reader's imagination? Join Julie Czerneda and build strange new worlds (and possibly familiar ones!), while developing your story. It'll be fun and you may just walk away with phenomenal cosmic power! (Living space, she can't help you with. . . .)


Workshop includes snacks/drinks, and a copy of Julie's book, A Turn of Light.


Canadian author and editor Julie E. Czerneda transformed her love and knowledge of biology into science fiction novels (published by DAW Books NY) and short stories that have received international acclaim, multiple awards, and best-selling status. A full-time author and editor since 1985, Julie has served as judge for the Philip K. Dick Award, among many others, and particularly enjoys working with new authors. Her latest release is A Turn of Light, Book One of her new Night’s Edge series, her debut (and really fat) fantasy novel, also from DAW. There are toads. Julie is a sought-after speaker on scientific literary and regularly conducts what she calls “make’m sweat and laugh” writer’s workshops. Julie was toastmaster for Anticipation, the Montreal Worldcon, and GOH for the National Conventions of New Zealand and Australia, as well as keynote speaker for the National Science Teachers of America. But usually you can find her canoeing or sending up a rocket, when not writing. For more about Julie’s work, please visit